Articulate 360 Suite Resources

Please visit the links below to learn more about the Articulate 360 Suite:

  • Articulate 360 website
    The site where you can access your account settings and from which you can download all the applications of the suite.
  • Articulate Rise
    An all-in-one system that makes training easy to create, enjoyable to take, and simple to manage
  • Articulate Storyline 360
    Deliver interactive courses to every device‚ÄĒwithout tweaking a thing. You simply create your course in Storyline¬†360, then click publish.
  • E-Training Heroes
    A tutorial website that has guides and tips for all Articulate 360 apps.
  • Sharepoint module
    You may access this link if you have permissions and an assigned seat in Articulate.


Articulate Modules have been built for the pre-clinical and clinical rotations experience to provide asynchronous learning opportunities that will allow students to navigate and learn at their own pace.

Click below to view samples: