Our mission is to provide experiences that will prepare our students to graduate as agile and flexible physicians that have the skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly evolving healthcare environment.

Longitudinal Chronic Care Course (LC3 Track)

Students are paired with a patient living with a chronic disease to experience healthcare through their patients eyes.

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Lifestyle MedicineTrack

Students acquire skills in nutrition, exercise and stress management education through innovative hands-on training..

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Global Health Track

Students gain an understanding of why global health initiatives have the potential to reduce poverty, build stronger economies and promote peace.

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Applied Anatomy Track

The focus of the track will be educating students about the various facets of surgical practice, procedures-based medicine and proper technique common to interventional medical practice.

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Rural Health Track

Students learn about issues pertinent to the practice of medicine and addressing issues of population health in rural and/or underserved communities.

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Biomedical & Clinical Research Track

Students acquire skills necessary to conduct scientific studies and participate in laboratory, clinical or osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM) research projects under a mentor of their choice.

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Community Health Track

An innovative approach to learning about issues pertinent to the practice of medicine and addressing issues of population health in underserved communities.

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H-art of Medicine Track

The H-art of Medicine Longitudinal Track explores the arts as a tool for healing both for restoration of self-well-being, and as potential tools future practitioners can use to help their patients achieve better health by focusing on the whole person of body, soul, and spirit.

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Business in Medicine Track

The Business in Medicine track will introduce students to the business skills necessary to understand healthcare delivery systems, lead multi-disciplinary teams and apply data analytics.

Health, Justice & Equity Track

The Health, Justice & Equity Track provides students the opportunity to further explore diversity, equity, and inclusion in healthcare and how health outcomes from different cultures and communities are affected from lack of representation and policies that properly and adequately address their disparities. This track will create culturally humble advocates for underrepresented and underserved communities, empowering students to be leaders in health justice and equity to improve health outcomes in historically minoritized/marginalized communities.



iSquad is a safe space for students to disrupt, invent, innovate, learn design thinking skills, and to fail forward. iSquad was started by students and is student-led and run, with guidance from a faculty director. We encourage collaboration, student-centered learning and critical thinking. Our focus is on medical technology, device development and their application to the practice of medicine and healthcare delivery. The most innovative piece of iSquad is allowing students to ultimately shape what the group will become by being given the opportunity to become student directors in their second year of the curriculum. All WesternU Colleges are welcome and encouraged to attend our events. Medical technology knows no boundaries.

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